Lake Dionne Outfitters Fishing Waters

Our territory includes over 30 lakes. All are exclusively populated with indigenous brook trout. These trouts, belonging to the salmon family, are sometimes called speckled trouts and are famous for their tasting qualities.

With 5.6 mi. in length (9 km), Lake Dionne is the largest lake of the territory. It offers great varieties of depth, fishing sites and landscapes that will delight even the most experienced and demanding fishermen..

With two main natural spawning grounds, Lake Dionne is so populated with brook trout that an all year round fihing right has been granted to Lake Dionne outfitters.
The possession limit is set at 20. There are no limits on the quantity of trout eaten during your stay as long as daily catch and possession limits are not exceeded.

Half a dozen secondary lakes are accessible after 15 to 45 minutes walks from the main lake. The most adventurous will then be in a privileged position to discover our territory. These lakes may be exclusively reserved to your fishing party when you decide to go and fish there.

Packages for everyone

Everyone will find the package that suit him best :

Daily fishing,
Fishing and Lodging,
Family Fishing,
Fishing as part of a corporate package,
Combo Fishing and Hunting,
Fishing as one of many activities, Quad riding, small fruit or mushroom picking…


Our Packages include :

  • Exclusive fishing rights,
  • One fishing boat for two,
  • motor

    At the Main Pavilion, some fishing gear is available (spoons, hooks, nets…) as well as worms.